Pomegranate on Top

Excuse the terrible photography; I was working with an iPhone and a case of star-stricken humility.  Last night my good friend Jo was able to finagle a few tickets to the When Tommy met Anna exhibit in the White Space at The Bay downtown (thanks Jo!).  It was a real who’s who in there and some real eye-candy for fashion lovers, Stacey Kimel’s Jil Sander off-the-runway bright orange skirt was incredible.  And of course, AdR…anytime you see a person who resides in photos come to life in person is always super cool—this was no exception.  She looked amazing; her over-the-top style is the real deal, opting to wear a gold pomegranate on her head to top off her look.
Terrible Photography Courtesy of Lean Legs and Ham herself (should you choose to use any of these grainy unfocused shots…please give me a shout out!)
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Ah, Coachella.  If you’ve never had the good fortune to attend this music festival I would definitely recommend it; I went 3 years ago and it was sooo much fun.  It’s become a real place to see and be seen, and this year was no exception.  My favorite was Alessandra Ambrosio in an ultimate girly boho ensemble, Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger also looked great.  My only question was, what was up with Whitney Port’s hair?  She looked like Sailor Moon, no?



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I often wonder what it would be like to win the lottery and have infinite amounts of moolah at my disposal.  One thing’s forsure my fashion selections would be nothing short of amazing; case and point this luxurious exotic skin satchel from the Chloe Fall 2011 collection.  One could wear a white T-shirt and jeans, toss this puppy on and look like the most fabulously dressed woman on the street.  Simple elegance.  I don’t even know the exact cost, but I’m quite certain it will remain one of those ‘if-I-had-a-million-dollars-I-would-forsure-buy-that’ sort of things…*sigh*
photo credit:  style.com
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Three’s Company

Ah, this pic makes me feel springy…can’t wait until it becomes a reality!
photo credit: justjared
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Creeper Extraordinaire

Creeper to the MAX!


photo credit: fashiongonerogue
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Copy Cat

Hola!  I’ve been so preoccupied lately that I have completely neglected my blog responsibilities…no excuses.  To be honest I haven’t come across the most inspiring images lately either, must be the season change.  We here in Toronto are battling some serious highs and lows which (for me) is resulting in messy buns and sweatpants; until Mother Nature gets her act together I’m on a strike of sorts…but, when I’m not dressing-to-rule I have been really into summery dresses and skirts paired with tights (to avoid frost bite of course).  I saw this pic a while back on vogue.com as part of their 5 looks 1 girl series, loved it then and, still, love it now.  I’m pretty much obsessed with those CÉLINE wedges and if I owned them would probably find every excuse in the book to wear them constantly…maybe even with my sweatpants.
Anyway, I have sourced a ‘knock-off’ outfit if you will; I especially love this because aside from the TOPSHOP shoes everything is here for purchase in the city, AND the majority is by Canadian designers/retailers, great eh? (hehe)
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs BIANCA CHAIN CONTINENTAL WALLET $238.00
photo credit: vogue.com
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Soft Metal

Totally reasonable bedtime jewelry, no?  Becka Diamond makes it look covetable.  See more pics here.


photo credit: style like u
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