Winter Chill

I’ve put off getting a winter coat for some time now (since I grew out of my Columbia *eek* winter coat in gr.9 to be exact).  Why?  Well, a coat is an important piece if not the most important for those of us who live in a chilly climate, it makes or breaks every outfit because it’s the last thing to go on.  I have a few ‘mock-coats’, you know, the ones that are more fashion than function.  I do need to get one I just aways seem to misplace my ‘i-need-a-coat’ fund on a pair of ‘i-really-don’t-need-but-really-want’ shoes.  Like the picture above…I really love her…shoes (among other things, don’t get me wrong I love everything about this photo, but let’s face it even when it get’s down to it, that coat is not exactly conducive to blizzard season).
I did happen to have a star sighting the other night at the Toronto airport which gave me hope that one can find a double whammy of fashion and function.  Rachel McAdams was fetching her luggage and wearing an interesting patchwork parka with fur trim.  She isn’t a style icon of mine, but I did like her coat.  I’m usually so lost in a sea of Canada Goose that it’s always refreshing when an interesting parka pops up.
I better find one soon…temperature keeps dropping.

photo credit: the sartorialist

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