Go Buy Now

Comfortable.  Affordable.  Two words that seem nonexistent when I buy a pair of shoes, so imagine my surprise to be using them both at the same time.  These gems are available right now at The Gap for 89.50 and if you’re smart like me and have signed up for every email blast from here to Mars then you’ll agree that The Gap seems to always put things on sale.  Why just today, these puppies could have been mine for 30% OFF.  Alas, I’m out of work and can’t help but think, what comes first the job or the shoe?  I’ve already convinced myself that these are an every day shoe, surely to be worn with everything…and so begins the spiral of irrational justification.  I’ll wait for that 40% OFF email, at which point not getting them would just seem impractical…(and Mom, if you’re reading this and feeling generous, I take these in a 6)
photo credit: thegap.com
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2 Responses to Go Buy Now

  1. nic says:

    You may want to post the originals and not the ones that Gap have blatantly copied…

    • Thanks for the suggestion Nic! I obviously love the originals but thought the Gap has done a great job providing a more affordable option; however, since you mentioned it, the originals are actually on sale here…and are awesome if you have the loot to buy them!

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