Camel Continued

How incredulous to be thinking about Fall 2011 while finishing up the winter 2010 season, but that’s fashion for you.  I always like to take a thorough look through the pre-Fall shows to see if I can capitalize on any current sales and invest in pieces that will hold meaning in the season to come—nothing wrong with a sound fashion plan!  Camel coats and oversized varieties of sweaters and blazers will continue to be a trend, so if you can buy any on sale now you’ll be happy come Fall.
In reviewing the lines I loved the pictures from Stella McCartney and the ‘pop-a-colour’ seen above.  Her collection reminded me of playing dress when I was little; oversized coats teamed with short dresses, boxy silhouettes and one gorgeous ballerina-esque dress.  Her clothing always carries a maturity that’s enviable if not always practical for someone like me; I’d elevate my maturity for one of her Fall 2011 coats…just sayin.
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