Forever Relevant

In an image saturated industry like fashion it’s sometimes hard to remember when you’ve seen what, where, and by whom; but sometimes there are those magical images that stick with you forever—like the unforgettable heels seen in Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection, as an example.  For me this editorial shot by Mario Testino is one of those magical impressions.  I’ve never forgotten the first time I flipped the page of my British Vogue and fell upon this spread (I still have the magazine).  It embodies everything I love set in a country I have yet to visit, but have always longed to go.  It’s the juxtaposition of minimalist travel and avant-garde fashion that I am drawn to; because, if you’re like me and love backpacking, you know the worlds could only ever collide in the pages of Vogue.  In reality one lifestyle doesn’t support the other.  I don’t think I’m alone, there are surely others that love the excitement of nomadic travel; when the world is dumbed down to just you and a backpack BUT who, also, love fashion despite the obvious frivolity and materialism.  I think you can ride both sides of the fence.  I get it…as only a true backpacker/fashionista soul would.  For all those reasons and more I love these images.  It’s total fantasy and my idea of a perfect life.

Colour.  Vibrance.  Culture. Fashion. Perfection.
photo credit: Mario Testino for UK Vogue via fashiongonerogue
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