INTermix INToronto

I’d love it if it were necessary to first apologize to any international or even suburban readers that the next few lines will be discussing the happenings in my city, but I fear that’s unnecessary at this point in my burgeoning blog career so I’ll get right to it.  INTERMIX is coming to Toronto, and not just any part of the city either, but right on good ol’ Bloor St West…a little fashionable espionage tells me the location is no lemon, if you know what I’m saying.
Currently the retail landscape in Toronto leaves much to be desired to a wishful shopaholic.  What we have, in some cases, is great but what we need is more.  If you’ve ever been south of the border to a little place call New York City you’ll know what I’m talking about; you can’t swing Fendi purse without knocking down a few retailers (who got the reference?).  Now obviously I’m not suggesting that Toronto will ever be New York, or should be, but what we do need is more variety.  A girl shouldn’t be able to hit 3 stores and sadly call it a day, there should be endless racks, countless sales assistants all culminating in a plethora of shops to visit  before the day is done–so I’m happy that Intermix will be providing us Torontonians with a little more of that this Fall.
Ladies ready your bank accounts…
photo credit: intermixonline
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