Dressed for Success

I’ve worked in fashion since graduating university, but never in an environment that required real ‘work wear’.  I recently left my old job and in looking for a new one I feel I need to re-evaluate my interview-worthy wardrobe, or maybe it’s just because there was a fashion segment on The View today called ‘Dressed for Success’.  In any case, it got me thinking of ideal outfits.  The one above is just a quickie, I tried to build something based around the red silk Equipment blouse, which I have been wanting to buy for ages now!  I also managed to throw in the Isabel Marant bow-tie flats, just for good measure.  When buying work gear I think it’s important to buy things that suit your regular life just as much as your work one, that way you’re not building two wardrobes and it makes dressing for the office more exciting.  This also marks my foray into the word of photoshop…not bad for a beginner, if I do say so myself…
photo credit: net-a-porter, shopbop
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  1. JO says:

    holla back

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