1.  HUE opaque black tights available in Toronto at The Bay
2.  UO Mixed Stich Pullover available online $59.00 USD (I think this is also available at the UO on Yonge…but not certain)
3.  Necklaces my own…sorry!
4.  UO Textured Knit Skirt available in Toronto at UO on Yonge St. $68.00 CND
5.  Rachel Comey Wrench Booties I bought these in NYC but you can find different styles here

This post started after I wandered into Urban Outfitters on Yonge St. here in Toronto.  I was going there in the hopes of seeing my friend but after finding out she wasn’t there I decided to take the opportunity to check out their new spring goodies.  Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t shopped at Urban in quite a while.  As a teenager it was my clothing mecca, a place I would go not only to buy but also to pay homage to (what I thought) were the coolest and best clothes ever.  Anyway, I’ve grown up and it no longer tempts me like before but let me tell you: today, I could have done some damage.  Before I knew it my arms were full and I was telling them my name at the change rooms.  Long story short, it left me daydreaming about an outfit I would wear if I bought a few of the things I had picked out1.  This skirt was a proper high-waisted fit, not the kind that leaves an annoying bit of tummy showing if you pair it with something cropped—I hate when that happens; the midriff is cool but not always conducive to everyday life.  The sweater is one I found online because the one I truly wanted to share was mysteriously missing from their online store.  This one works nicely too, but the one I really want is this shrunken cream cropped sweater with gold thread running through it—it’s the perfect dressy but not dressy sweater.  I happened to be wearing my hue tights and Rachel Comey boots during this try-on session and the outfit just seemed to come together; lucky for me I own those items so my daydreaming stops at a skirt and sweater.
1note to boyfriend: I did not buy anything, I concede and unwittingly accept the limitations of being temporarily unemployed
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4 Responses to w.w.t.w.

  1. paulin says:

    by the way rapsodia is an argentina brand
    you should check it out


  2. Shin says:

    Beautiful, classy outfit! I love the skirt and the boots! xooxxoo

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