Innovator Report: The Modern Choker

I knew it was only a matter of time before Karl Lagerfelds ribbon chokers, seen during the Chanel ss2011 Couture show, were adopted by his trendy disciples.  But where did this trend really start?  Well, the history of the choker dates back hundreds of years when members of royalty and high-society women would wear beautiful ribbons around their necks—maybe Karl’s a history buff!  This generation probably best remembers chokers as the favored accessory of Brenda Walsh and her fellow 90210 friends (at least that’s where my mind goes). It’s hard to find any in stores right now as this is a pretty new thing, but the great part about the ribbon choker is that it screams DIY, literally just go buy a bit of ribbon and tie it around your neck…how hard is that? I happen to really like the modern take on this necklace, as seen in the FW2011 Vena Cava show and on trend setting blogger Elin Kling.  It appears much more tough and space-like.  I’m not sure it’s a craze I will adopt personally, but I have no doubt that chokers will be a trendy item going into Fall 2011 and further into next year.  What do you think?


photo credit: vogue,, style by kling,
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