Into the Blue

I still don’t have a parka and aside from the unseasonably warm weather two days ago; it’s still below freezing outside. I’m still waiting for the Prince Charming of winter parkas. Interestingly enough, today, while I was waiting for my pedi to dry, I saw a woman walk by wearing a bright blue parka, and typically colours—especially bright ones—are out of the question for me as it deviates from ‘practical’ and I’m all about practicality; but I did think for a moment about how a bright blue parka might just be the ticket. So, imagine my surprise when I saw this photo of Rachel Bilson wearing that same colour…I think I’m on to something. Albeit, Bilson’s is way cooler than the one I saw today, she’s wearing it exactly how I’d imagined. Rather than black, which is pretty boring (yet, classic…damn that practicality), the blue makes the whole look pop…am I bold enough to commit to a colour? Eek, I just don’t know. I have to laugh at myself here because; the weight of this (fictitious) decision truly feels like I’m committing to a tattoo…just a parka…seriously, why is this the hardest decision? I think the clinical term is coat-commitment counter-dependence.
photo credit: justjared
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