Wedge Heaven

I just got back from a much needed girls weekend up north.  It was part getaway, part book club meeting, all fun—we never really did get to discussing the book.  Anyway, someone had the genius foresight to bring up a stack of magazines to peruse and that’s when I fell in love with the new Aldo X Julian Louie collaboration.  I have been thinking about my must-have shoe list for SS 2011 and now these have made it to the top spot.  I have visions of paring them with just about everything, as I am very much a black and white person and these will add a much appreciated ‘pop’ to every Spring/Summer look.  I am dying to know when these are coming out and have my fingers crossed that Canada will receive them—it is a Canadian company so I can only assume…or be rightfully pissed if they don’t.  By the way (it has to be said) they retail for around $125 which, as Martha would say, is a ‘good thing’.


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2 Responses to Wedge Heaven

  1. qcooper says:

    These shoes have been in stores for about a month already. I think they only put them in 7 aldo stores in the US, not sure about Canada.

    • Thanks for the info! I know they launched them in the US a few weeks ago but apparently the collection in coming to Toronto stores (Bloor St) next week :)

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