Neon Tips

Earlier this week pictures of Sienna wearing these acid wash jeans popped up on many of my favorite blogs and I can’t lie, it moved me to pull mine out of the closet!  I know acid wash is a little passé but I can’t seem to get over it for some reason…and apparently neither can Sienna.  Anyway, in the previous pic she dressed them way down with a sweater and sneakers but I love the way she’s paired it here with neon brogues and a nude blouse.
photo credit: justjared
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Native Inspired

I love Native American inspiration…makes me want to run to Kensington market and raid the stores of all their jewelry.  Alas, my life doesn’t allow for headdresses, but I can take elements and work them into my wardrobe:  a few bangles here, some fringe there, yada yada yada.  If you’re a fan of looks like these then you should definitely head over to Oracle Fox, her style is the epitome of Native-American boho—it’s pretty amazing to see someone who can dress like this on a day to day basis…Pocahontas-chic!
photo credit: Vogue Spain
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MTL Photo Diary

{Cured Foie Gras & Boudin Tart}

{Duck in a Can}


There’s SO MUCH more after the Jump

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Tops + Bottoms

Love these images, I want to see the rest of the picture!  I think I’m going to have to try to replicate those Dries pants…I smell a DIY project coming up!  Happy Friday xo
photo credit: streetsfn
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Pizza Party

This was supposed to be a pizza post.  I was planning on documenting my food selection (and wardrobe selection) at the ever tasty pizzeria Libretto—a must go for anyone who loves pizza or just really good food—when I got the call that my best friend had just been proposed to!    There’s more after the Jump
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Fabulous Abbey Lee

Abbey Lee has to be one of the hardest working models of the moment.   There’s more after the Jump
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Wedge Heaven

I just got back from a much needed girls weekend up north.  It was part getaway, part book club meeting, all fun—we never really did get to discussing the book.  Anyway, someone had the genius foresight to bring up a stack of magazines to peruse and that’s when I fell in love with the new Aldo X Julian Louie collaboration.  I have been thinking about my must-have shoe list for SS 2011 and now these have made it to the top spot.  I have visions of paring them with just about everything, as I am very much a black and white person and these will add a much appreciated ‘pop’ to every Spring/Summer look.  I am dying to know when these are coming out and have my fingers crossed that Canada will receive them—it is a Canadian company so I can only assume…or be rightfully pissed if they don’t.  By the way (it has to be said) they retail for around $125 which, as Martha would say, is a ‘good thing’.


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